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Is everyone looking forward to their local Windows 7 indoctrination launch party?! If you’re feeling a tad apprehensive (after all, none of us like change) let these extremely creepy people assuage your fears. Just don’t forget to leave your USB keys in the bowl on the table… that’s when the party really gets started. DISCLAIMER: […]

My magic 8-ball says, ask again later. Which is pretty much the conclusion this car crash of a programme came to after 30 thrilling minutes. Screened on RTE 1 last night, it’s part of a series on things God may or may not hate… a pertinent question, no doubt. Kudos to RTE for tackling the […]

#1 – Vapo Rub back application.

Passion is my passion. I wanna sex you up. I’m, too sexy for this blogosphere, too sexy for this blogosphere. Wo-ah, my sex is on fire. I’m bringing sexy back. I’m going to be writing a lot about sex and sexuality on this blog. While (hopefully) it won’t result in any unpleasant mental images for […]

(B)logging on.


Blogging – the final frontier? Not really, but it was bound to happen later rather than sooner, given that I’m always slow to jump on bandwagons; subsequently becoming totally addicted. Here’s hoping I take to blogging as obsessively as I’ve taken to Facebook, Twitter and online media in general. On these pages, you’ll find a […]