Sexier than your average blog


Passion is my passion. I wanna sex you up. I’m, too sexy for this blogosphere, too sexy for this blogosphere. Wo-ah, my sex is on fire. I’m bringing sexy back.

I’m going to be writing a lot about sex and sexuality on this blog. While (hopefully) it won’t result in any unpleasant mental images for those who know me, michellaneous will definitely be sexier than your average blog.

Sexuality is a huge part of my life – that’s something I don’t see reflected in the world at large. Particularly in Ireland, we’re backwards about sex. Doing it, asking about it, learning about it, talking about it. That’s something I would like to change.

Why? Because sex is awesome. It’s pretty much the best feeling you can have, legally and for free. But it’s mired in confusion, stress and angst for many – and that, to me, is just plain sad. As a nation; we’re shy, we’re embarrassed, and we’re ashamed of sex. That needs to change.

So… Let’s talk about sex, baby.

One Response to “Sexier than your average blog”

  1. I’m loving it, loving it, loving it! So glad you started blogging, I know I’m going to enjoy your posts. Love the colour scheme too. Go Shell!

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