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Everyone knows that Christmas trees are supposed to be tacky, gaudy, and weighed down with all sorts of glittery, shiny crap. That’s what Christmas is all about, right?! Apart from the baby Jebus, of course – but all babies like shiny things, so it’s cool. Just when you thought that nothing could compete with the […]

My future husband, Zac Efron, is in a new film; and last night I went to see it. It’s a far cry from his High School Musical and Hairspray days, but it does involve him playing a ukulele disguised as a lute, which is good enough for me. Also, he’s still so pretty and I […]

Lucky thing that I am, I have recently been bestowed with many toys for testing. No, I’m not a Santa’s elf, rather I am a naughty pixie-type thing, or something… anyway, they’re sex toys. Yay! Like an excited child I was when I opened the box of goodies. I squeed like I’ve never squeed before. […]

On Penises.


“Every woman should tell a man that it is massive, mastadonic, it is like the hindenberg, it’s gargantuan, colossal, nearly unmanagable, it is the greatest, most epic colossus of rhodes thing in the world. POEMS, EPIC METAL SONGS will be written about it.” ❤ The funniest people post there.

The state of sexual healthcare in this country is dire. If you suspect you have an STI, you have two options – an interminably long wait for the GUIDE clinic at St James’s, or an expensive trip to a specialist STI clinic. That’s not to say that the GUIDE clinic doesn’t provide an excellent and […]



I knew all that practice would come in handy someday.

Red Cup Day!


Was yesterday, I know. But I only got my first one of the season this morning due to an abortive trip to Starbucks last night, ten minutes before it was supposed to close, and the dude wouldn’t make me a coffee. Blanchardstown Centre branch, I’m glaring at you. Anyone who knows me knows I love […]