Me and Zac Efron.


My future husband, Zac Efron, is in a new film; and last night I went to see it. It’s a far cry from his High School Musical and Hairspray days, but it does involve him playing a ukulele disguised as a lute, which is good enough for me. Also, he’s still so pretty and I love him.

Picture 1

The film’s called Me and Orson Welles, and Efron stars as the youngest member of the Mercury Theatre company. The plot centres around the run up to the launch of Welles’ stage version of ‘Caesar’.

Being utterly ignorant of Orson Welles, his work, and his history, I was a bit lost throughout the movie – but I still enjoyed it. It’s funny, touching, thought-provoking and a fascinating insight into the imposing character of Welles. The actor playing the man did such a good job that I was slightly intimidated to see him walk into the room after the movie for a Q&A session with the audience.

The film was showing as part of the IFI’s Orson Welles Season, hence the Q&A session with Christian McKay (Welles). He regaled us with tales of hating pop music, meeting Paul McCartney, and small girls injuring themselves in an effort to get a glimpse of the Zefron during filming.

Some of Welles’ classic films are showing at the IFI all this week, and I’d very much like to go and see them after having my interest piqued by the film. Click here for details on showtimes!

I’d love to go into more detail on reviewing Me and Orson Welles, but I don’t think I’d do it justice – in fact, I slumped down in my seat a little when the guy interviewing McKay said that we were ‘an educated audience’. Cough. Eh, ok. Suffice it to say that I know nothing about the man himself, or who Zac Efron’s character was supposed to be (Richard Burton? I’m still not sure) – but I still enjoyed it immensely. The fantastic cast also included Claire Danes, who I love, and will have over for dinner after I become Mrs Efron.

What amused me the most, however, was the horde of nerdy girls clustered around McKay after the film was over – it was his very own Zac Efron moment. Bless. Thanks to Madame Editrix for bringing me along. I promise you can be my bridesmaid when I marry Zac.

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  1. Ha I just saw this post, how did I miss this one? Anyway I better get to wear a fabulous dress, and the best man had better be Marsden. And he better be single.

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