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Ok. So. I just read this article from yesterday. It’s the piece by Niamh Horan in yesterday’s Sindo – and it’s a prime example of why I should not be allowed to read the Sindo. I know it’s needlessly inflammatory in an attempt to wind me up and sell papers. I know that Niamh most […]

Just a few bits and pieces I picked up on my travels over the interweb. Fantastic safe sex video that really gets its point across – very NSFW. (via @darraghdoyle) *** I also discovered (probably a bit late) this fantastic male-oriented sex tips and advice website called Early to Rise. It’s the sister site of […]

Fantastic post from Holly at The Pervocracy called Ten People Not to Date. She has a little disclaimer saying it might not apply to everyone – but I think it does. Some real home truths in there, particularly: “Anyone who out-and-out says that they’re not what you’re looking for. Someone who says that he’s not […]

Is it just me, or is this new Lynx ad really offensive to, well, everyone? Women get bored easily? Yeah, we’re like goldfish – once round the bowl and we’ve forgotten everything that happened before. Or kittens. Just dangle something sparkly at us and we’re all over that shit. Is this REALLY what men think […]