Because men are really dull.


Is it just me, or is this new Lynx ad really offensive to, well, everyone?

Women get bored easily? Yeah, we’re like goldfish – once round the bowl and we’ve forgotten everything that happened before. Or kittens. Just dangle something sparkly at us and we’re all over that shit.

Is this REALLY what men think women are like? “OMG, that guy would be like so super cute if he had different hair, and maybe a hat, and a different shirt… giggle, hair toss.” Seriously? We’re that shallow and fickle, are we? How very dare you.

But it’s the blokes this ad is aimed at I feel most sorry for. Note to all guys out there – we don’t care what you smell like as long as it’s a) clean and b) not Lynx. You are all well capable of capturing and holding a woman’s attention for more than thirty seconds without playing a game of peek-a-boo with her – which the dude in the ad actually DOES.

Honestly – there are women out there who really like men. We like how they smell, how they look, how they talk, how they make us laugh and even how they look at our boobs when they think we’re not looking. These women want to talk to you. They want to smooch you. They even want to have sex with you… all without you completing an endless stream of tasks and tricks to somehow “win” them. You are not a performing monkey.

Shame on Lynx for striking a low blow at male self-esteem. As if having all the responsibilty for chatting up and showing interest wasn’t scary enough already.

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