That is so true…


Fantastic post from Holly at The Pervocracy called Ten People Not to Date. She has a little disclaimer saying it might not apply to everyone – but I think it does. Some real home truths in there, particularly:

“Anyone who out-and-out says that they’re not what you’re looking for. Someone who says that he’s not in it for a long-term relationship or she’s not good at being faithful… probably means it.”

Logic dictates that most people settle down eventually, right? So the more hopeful among us will take a statement like “I don’t want anything serious” as caging, a safeguard, something that can and might change. This may be theoretically true… the person who doesn’t want anything serious will probably end up in a serious thing eventually. But — and this is the crucial part — it won’t be with you.

If you’re with someone, and they’re constantly telling you they’re not into relationships, or they’re just not in that place right now, or they don’t think they’re cut out for monogamy, or they don’t want anything serious… please do me a favour.

Take their excuse statement and insert the phrase “with you” after it. Repeat as many times as it takes to sink into your love-drugged brain.

I think everyone can recognise their ‘type’ in that list. I’m a sucker for No. 9 in particular. Show me a guy who’s got a fuckload of baggage and a sob story and I’ll be all over that like a rash.

It’s a hard habit to break – training yourself out of your natural instincts and preferences – but the first step is recognising it. Which lost cause type is your particular downfall?

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