Don’t stop belinking


Just a few bits and pieces I picked up on my travels over the interweb.

Fantastic safe sex video that really gets its point across – very NSFW. (via @darraghdoyle)


I also discovered (probably a bit late) this fantastic male-oriented sex tips and advice website called Early to Rise. It’s the sister site of Early to Bed, which stems from the store of the same name, based in Chicago.

While sex toys have been a staple in the sex lives of women and gay  men for years now; there’s still a mental block when it comes to straight men getting their kicks from toys. This site aims to change that. With three male advice columnists – one gay, two straight – Early to Rise hopes to challenge the idea that men using sex toys is sad or pathetic and inspires guys to develop their sex lives with the help of props.

There’s also some quality advice on there. This article on how to help your girlfriend to orgasm speaks all the good sense – including a trick you can do with your tongue and mouth that’s “the best trick yet for making your girl come”. Check it out:

Here’s how it works:

Make the room nice and romantic, maybe candles and wine if you’re into that kind of thing. Have her get into something comfortable and lay back on a pillow. You get in front of her. Lean forward. Open your mouth.

And start asking questions.

Sheer simplistic genius. Here’s hoping the site will garner a wider audience of men eager to escape the stereotypical binds of male sexuality.  More men who aren’t afraid of toys would also be awesome.


Meanwhile, uptown… Tracey Cox has finally landed on Twitter. The “sexpert” (though I’m sure she hates that) and author can be found at @sexandstuff in the Twittery place.


What else what else? Meh, I can’t remember. Further brane contents to follow as and when they fall out of my head.  For now, have some Glee.

One Response to “Don’t stop belinking”

  1. 1 Dave

    o_O I’m not sure which video affected my innocence more 😛

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