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Not just number 7, all the numbers from 1-9; vertically, horizontally and in each square. Yes, my boyfriend is teaching me how to do Sudoku — with limited success. Here’s what arrived in my inbox the other evening after I’d sent him a pic of a puzzle gone horribly wrong. Above and beyond the call […]

Sexy underwear


It had been a long evening. Dinner with old friends, drinks with even more old friends – a big deal for me, because I’d brought the boy with me to meet them for the first time. We can be an intimidating bunch. Tight-knit and prone to falling back into familiar gossip and reminiscing when we’re […]

Safe home II


So creepy taxi driver is still on the road – but not for want of effort on my part. I was shocked and freaked out when I got into the house, so much so that I rang my friends to tell them what had happened, just to make sure I wasn’t overreacting. Judging by their […]

Safe home


What do you do when a man is agressively coming onto you? When, despite being single, you’re just not interested and the guy refuses to get the message? What do you say when he asks you inappropriate questions about your virginity (or lack thereof), your sexual experience with men of various nationalities? When he asks […]

“But you always look nice… you don’t even need to try”, says himself on the gchat machine last night. He was responding to me saying I was planning to dress up a bit today; to cheer myself up and to look nice for him because he’s coming to see me. I awwwed of course… and […]

Hello kids! It’s time for another good (sex) idea, bad (sex) idea. Good idea: Buying a sex toy with a suction cup on the end. Bad idea: Sticking the toy to your forehead and pretending to be a unicorn; finding it endlessly amusing, until your boyfriend points out that you now have a perfectly circular […]

Three words


The words. The weight of them is heavy on my tongue. The tip tingles and my lips twitch from the force of them, rising up my throat from my swelling heart, where they want to pour from. But I bite them back. They try to escape with every breath, every heartbeat, every broken kiss, every […]