Safe home


What do you do when a man is agressively coming onto you? When, despite being single, you’re just not interested and the guy refuses to get the message?

What do you say when he asks you inappropriate questions about your virginity (or lack thereof), your sexual experience with men of various nationalities? When he asks for your number, repeatedly, so he can text you about hooking up sometime? Or asks you to take his number and text him if you want to try sex with an ethnic guy?

The obvious answer is to walk away before it ever gets that far, of course. But what if you’re locked in a car with him, alone? You might be thinking that nobody would ever be so stupid as to get in a car with a stranger – we have that drummed into us from infancy.

But every weekend, hundreds upon thousands of lone women (and men) get into cars with strangers and let them lock the doors – then trust them to drive them home.

The above – and I’ve left out the scariest parts – is what happened to me in November on the way home from a night out. Stepping out of a pub, a taxi pulled up by the kerb and I hopped in. The chat started out fairly inanely – why was I going home early, why is my boyfriend not out with me. But as soon as he told me I was too beautiful to be single, I felt uncomfortable. A litany of questions followed, all along the lines of the above; culminating in him trapping me in his car outside my house, pleading with me to take his number and call him for sex. Because, like, you’re single right? So why not?

He didn’t lay a finger on me, thankfully. But the way he leaned right into the back seat, close enough to smell me, to ask if I lived with my parents (or can you have men in?) was frankly terrifying. Only when I told him I lived with three guys who were still awake did I hear the click of locks.

Throwing money at him, I ran to my door, frantically repeating his roof sign number so as not to forget it. I reported him the next day. Scary, yes? I certainly thought so.

But the scariest thing? I found out this week that this man is still driving a taxi in Dublin.

[to be continued]

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