Sexy underwear


It had been a long evening. Dinner with old friends, drinks with even more old friends – a big deal for me, because I’d brought the boy with me to meet them for the first time.

We can be an intimidating bunch. Tight-knit and prone to falling back into familiar gossip and reminiscing when we’re in a group; not to mention all the wedding, baby and house chatter that was going on – a scary gauntlet even for the bravest of boyfriends.

He did it with such ease, and friendliness. Not one roll of the eyes, one bored sigh, one irritated look when we nattered for ages about people he didn’t know doing things he doesn’t care about. That meant so much to me that when we got home, I thought I’d repay him with a bedtime favourite of his.

Perched on the bed, he stood in front of me as we talked and cuddled and giggled. He wrapped his hand into its familiar position on the back of my neck, and suddenly it wasn’t all that giggly anymore. I could tell what he wanted… not least because the evidence (which was threatening to escape his jeans) stood directly at my eye level.

Sliding my hand under his jumper, I placed soft kisses on his belly; nuzzling and caressing as I felt where his tshirt was tucked into his jeans. I fisted my hands into the material and tugged it up his body… and then I realised that I’d actually caught hold of his boxers.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like an accidental jocking.

4 Responses to “Sexy underwear”


  2. Omg, LOL-ing like a loon over here. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week (and also very cute and sweet re: the first few paragraphs).

  3. 4 demurelemur

    Ha! Not how I expected this post to end. I’m adding ‘wedgies as foreplay’ to the list of novel ideas your blog has offered me.

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