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This baby has been languishing in my toy drawer for literally years until recently, when himself expressed an interest in teasing me half to death in public. As you do. The toy comes in two parts – the remote control and the egg, which vibrates. The victim lady inserts the egg and hands the remote […]

In this instance, it’s not my boyfriend who makes me feel fat, quite the opposite in fact. He makes me feel amazing and sexy and gorgeous through an almost-constant regime of compliments and general groping. It’s the everyday adulation I get from him that places past relationships in stark contrast, and causes me to think […]

It’s only good manners to say please and thank you when someone does something nice for you. I could never have imagined, though, that such simple words could have such a profound effect on me. It started simply enough. When the boy and I embarked on our power play journey, he was nervous of the […]



❤ this.

An article in the Times has claimed that men’s sperm can be ‘disabled’ for around 6 months by a harmless blast of ultrasound — and that investigations are continuing into the possibility of the treatment’s use as contraception. (via @MiriamOCal) If preliminary results are confirmed, applying therapeutic ultrasound to the testes for ten to fifteen […]

This fantastic column from Mistress Matisse at The Stranger on the perils of social networking and the weight we place on it in relationships should become part of the national curriculum. She says, amongst other things; …if you enjoy suffering, go ahead and cyberstalk your sweetie. Obsess about every casually flirtatious remark and winky emoticon, […]

Or, how not to chat someone up. I don’t want to come over all “ugh, stupid men and their stupidness” here; rather, this post was inspired by a very nice man chatting me up in a very nice, non-intrusive way – followed by him politely trotting off when I mentioned my boyfriend. There are so […]