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Eww, c’mon


Dear Ann Summers, Kudos to you on bringing sex to the high street. No really — although your stuff is sometimes seen as tacky or overpriced, you’ve done a great job in bringing the more taboo aspects of bedroom antics to the shy eyes of the public. Anal beads? You got ’em! Prostate toys for […]

I’ve just realised how desperately unsexy this blog’s been of late. You’d almost think I wasn’t having the hottest sex of my life ever ever times infinity plus one. There I go with the smug boasting again, but that’s the truth of it. My life is *such* a chore. The problem with having all the […]

Good idea: buying a smutty book on submissive females and dominant males for sexy bedtime reading. Bad idea: Letting your very own dominant male read the smutty book. It’ll only give him ideas*. (*bold ones)



In six months, we haven’t had one fight. No drama, no stress, no arguments, no compromises. Just drifting along blissfully, and no doubt sickeningly, free to enjoy eachother without endless questioning of the relationship and ourselves. But one weekend, that calm sea of tranquility got a stone lobbed into it. Not a fight, per se, […]