Good idea, bad idea


Good idea: buying a smutty book on submissive females and dominant males for sexy bedtime reading.

Bad idea: Letting your very own dominant male read the smutty book. It’ll only give him ideas*.

(*bold ones)

2 Responses to “Good idea, bad idea”

  1. Twice 😛
    You really must learn to lea- I was totally guna say learn form your mistakes but I can’t not say “dream of a bigger gun-” *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

  2. I am eventually coming to the conclusion that there is no way to avoid giving the domly-type ideas. I think perhaps it is the nature of the sub-type to give the dom-type ideas that the sub-type often things “oh fuck, did I really want to do that?”

    Keeps things interesting though!

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