Eww, c’mon


Dear Ann Summers,

Kudos to you on bringing sex to the high street. No really — although your stuff is sometimes seen as tacky or overpriced, you’ve done a great job in bringing the more taboo aspects of bedroom antics to the shy eyes of the public. Anal beads? You got ’em! Prostate toys for men? Right there beside the Monkey Spankers! Vibrating nipple clamps? In the bondage section, right beside the baby pink bondage tape! All very delightfully open and refreshing.

But I don’t think the greater public were ready for this little revelation.

Yes, people like to do themselves with phallic vegetables… But in this particular fetishy instance, I don’t think a silicon one is going to be a satisfactory replacement. As an acquaintance so eloquently put it… “eww, c’mon”.


One Response to “Eww, c’mon”

  1. The Scary thing is that it looks like Tesco Value corn….

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