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Born romantic


Me, quoting Pride & Prejudice at the boy via Gchat as I watched it snuggled up in bed… and my charming beau’s response. Advertisements

So Larry Murphy got out today. The media, predictably, has gone mental. One paper has even gone so far as to erect flyers with a picture and description; asking civilians to contact their newsdesk (or the Gardaí) if they spot Murphy. Apparently, according to a spokesperson for the publication, the fact that they’ve put “do […]

Being the helpful chap he is, my boy recently loaned his long leather jacket (Matrix-style, cringe factor 10/10) to an old university friend who’s costuming for a new TV show in Dublin. In chatting and catching up, she regaled him with tales of strange people being obstructive about the strange stuff they were looking for… […]



“Unsatisfactory”, I huffed. My trademark pout crept across my face as I squirmed and ached for what I wanted. It’s not often I’m denied, but in this scenario – bad timing, in my childhood bed, in the early afternoon, with my family roaming the house – I was never going to get the good seeing-to […]