“Unsatisfactory”, I huffed. My trademark pout crept across my face as I squirmed and ached for what I wanted. It’s not often I’m denied, but in this scenario – bad timing, in my childhood bed, in the early afternoon, with my family roaming the house – I was never going to get the good seeing-to I needed.

A quick, hands-down-pants, under the covers, subdued fumble was all I was getting… and I was not one bit happy about it. I pleaded and begged and whimpered – he was having none of it. Enjoying my torment, he reminded me that I was merely exacerbating my libido if I couldn’t manage to restrain myself; not to mention the extra discipline I’d be getting once we got home.

But restraint was never my strong point. I just about managed a silent orgasm before cursing my wanton lack of willpower, my incapacity to rein in my desire. Why couldn’t I just have waited, bode my time until he dealt with me properly, hungrily, the way I really wanted? Why settle for an unsatisfactory quickie, bundled with an IOU of 20 spanks? I’m an undisciplined little brat, that’s why.

As I huffed and puffed and cursed my lack of self-control, he strode about the room; collecting garments and chortling at my discomfort. Scowlingly, I enquired as to the source of his amusement. It was me, of course. My charming Sir.

You’d think I’d have learned by now that he is a contrary beast; and not to tempt fate by acting so impudently. After all, I’m ever so spoiled, and I should be grateful for it. Little did I know he was thinking that very thing at that very moment.

“How would you like it if we limited you to one orgasm per day?” he smirked. “To make you a bit more… appreciative. You wouldn’t have to worry about ‘unsatisfactory’ orgasms any more.” I confessed that I wouldn’t like it very much at all, in fact. Trying not to pout too much at the idea (that only eggs him on), I timidly ventured: “you’re not talking about today though… right?”

3 Responses to “Rationing”

  1. Hmm, I had almost forgotten about that idea…. thanks for reminding me


  2. 2 demurelemur

    But the second one’s always the best one.

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