Beat Again*


So JLS have launched their own range of condoms, in association with Durex. Yes, you read that right — now you can pick up a three-pack of extra safes with the face of a JLS on them, depending on which one’s your favourite. See?

For my part, I couldn’t pick them out of a line-up, never mind know which one is which. But I have to applaud them for being one of the first bands to come out and actively promote a safe-sex message. According to Marvin (a JLS, I presume):

We came up with the idea of Just Love Safe as we wanted to send a clear message out to fans that are over 16 and sexually active – and that is to always use a condom during sex.

Admirable. But of course, the move has met with backlash from conservatives and idiots alike. Points include that JLS’s fanbase isn’t old enough to be having sex, and generally that it’s a gimmicky move. That’s as may be, and it’s almost certainly the case that JLS have younger fans. But anything¬† — literally *anything* — that can get these young people (especially young women) to realise that condoms are a necessity, to go out and buy some, is a genius move.

To go even further — for an impressionable teenage girl to see her four crushes advocating condom use is an absolute godsend. Because if her ‘ideal guy’ insists on using them, perhaps she’ll be brave enough to insist that her partner does too.

*Having read the multiple news stories on this topic, I have JLS song title pun fatigue. This was the only one that hadn’t been used. I know it makes no sense. Soz.

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