extremely deprived of minge: “I’m faminged”.



–verb (used with object)

To suffer or cause to suffer minge depravation; starve of minge: “The girlfriend is faminging me something fierce right now”.




1. extreme and general scarcity of minge, as in a country or a large geographical area: “There’s a bit of a faminge in Coppers these days”.
2. extreme lack of minge; celibacy. “I’m on a faminge til after my exams”.

Faminged: the new fetch. Let’s make it happen.

(Hat tip to my partner in wordcraft, Gav.)

2 Responses to ““Faminged””

  1. 1 demurelemur

    Could it not equally apply to a young lady with an over appreciation of Brazillian waxes?

    • Think there’s already a word for that… “sore” or possibly even “chilly”. Though I guess it could also apply to one whose minge is itself starved…

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