I had the great pleasure of working on the Irish Web Awards with Damien “that guy from the internet” Mulley and the rest of the team this year. It all came to fruition on Saturday night, when 500 assorted geeks and nerds assembled at the Mansion House to cheer, drink and steal things. All the things. Especially these:

Aside from the Made in Hollywood treats, there were cupcakes and ice-cream and sweeties, oh my. Presents for all, including host Rick O’Shea, who got his very own superhero portrait as a souvenir. The goody bags were also full of crisps and sweets, so while not everyone went home with a gong, we all went home with tummyaches and/or type 2 diabetes. Others were so hyped up on sugar that they regressed to childhood:


Nice. Sourcing the retro furniture was definitely the funnest part of the whole awards for me, and I found some great new places to shop for unique and cool bits and bobs. Huge props (boom boom) to the Oxfam home store, who rented out the furniture to us for the night.

It was awesome to see so many people I knew, and even better to see them enjoying an event I had a hand in setting up. Roll on IWA11!

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