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(In bed, eating pizza…) She said: We should definitely have sex tonight. So we don’t become one of those couples who just eats pizza and burps at eachother. He said: We ARE one of those couples. She said: *belch* Advertisements

I’m tired


This is a post I wrote a while back when I was having a bad day. I’m feeling a lot more hopeful now, but when fiddling about on the blog today, I decided to publish it. As a reminder that the bad days do exist, they’re crap, and I’m not imagining this whole thing. Friends […]

One year on


I’m lying in bed, snuggled up behind you, playing with your hair. Running my fingers over your scalp, scritching behind your ears, nuzzling the nape of your neck. It always makes you sleepy and quiet. I like that. My mind wanders as I wind your messy boy hair round my fingers. I wonder if our […]



It’s something I don’t have a lot of, resolve. My willpower is widely known to be non-existent, and my motivation *just about* extends to getting myself out of bed every morning. Well, most mornings. I’m a very laid-back person — take each day as I find it, always put off until tomorrow what should really […]

She said: “Please don’t sit on the heater” He said: “I’m not, I’m warming my barse” She said: “… … …” He said: “It’s actually quite pleasant.”

Taken to task


I have fallen off the blogging wagon spectacularly. If it were a real fall and not an analogy, I’d be featured on one of those hilarious home video shows. Soz. What brings me back is an assignment, from the Sir – or rather the assignment has made me wonder about some things. The nature of […]