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Did I mention I have an email address for the blog now? I do. It’s So, cos I’m lazy and shiz, email me questions or whatever and I’ll blog about them. They can be questions about you, or questions about me, or kink, or size acceptance, or depression, or like, what my favourite cheese […]

So I got a new job. This new job is great and I love it, but also I love the fact that it pays me some money. While we were never living in anything approaching poverty, for the past year — in fact, since we got together — money has been tight as a very […]



*sidles back in as if I hadn’t disappeared for months* Oh hi, I didn’t see you there! How’s things? Good, good. Things are good with me, too. Few changes happening, all good, don’t worry! Got a new job, which is awesome, moved house too. Loving it! Had to change up a few things around here […]