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I’ve been watching the unfolding drama around Sinead O’Connor’s recent venture into the world of online dating with interest. It started out harmlessly enough… a column in the Independent about how she missed male company (and sex!) and was inviting emails from potential suitors in order to possibly meet someone. Quite sweet and charming, it […]

I need a collar, collar, collar that’s what I neeeed (hey hey)… or I did, and then I bought this one. We ordered it from LoveHoney on Friday night, and it had arrived by Tuesday morning — and that was with the bog-standard free delivery to Ireland. Very impressive, as per usual! And a very […]



Ever-helpful WordPress has started to give prompts to help you blog. Today’s topic: What do you worry about? Oh WordPress, how little you know me. What do I worry about? What DON’T I worry about. I am a chronic worrier. You name it, I’ve worried about it. If I haven’t worried about it before, I’ll […]

Six months on anti-depressants will really fuck over your sex life. Not only did my libido disappear, but the boy was taking care of me a lot. Lots of minding and gentleness and patience. You can imagine that didn’t leave much room for hot and dirty D/s sexytimes. Since I came off the meds, I’ve […]

So yesterday’s post got more views than this little blog has ever had before, ever. Was it something I said?! Being the attention whore/subby mc subberson I am, all the hits have given me the push I needed to want to write more, so expect to see more head contents all over yore computer screen […]

Question for my lovely readers: how did you figure out what you wanted to be when you grew up? I find myself, yet again, in a gloomy puddle about my career. I don’t know what I want to DO with my life. I’m not really sure I ever did. I had some vague notions in […]

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I’m on Fetlife now! I’ve no idea why it took me so long to join. I do have vague memories of thinking I wasn’t kinky enough to be on Fetlife, that I didn’t *really* have a fetish, that I was just playing at being kinky. But then, isn’t it all a game, really? For us, […]