Friend me?


I’m on Fetlife now! I’ve no idea why it took me so long to join. I do have vague memories of thinking I wasn’t kinky enough to be on Fetlife, that I didn’t *really* have a fetish, that I was just playing at being kinky.

But then, isn’t it all a game, really? For us, it is. Even though deep down I’m submissive, the dynamic we have and the role I take is something I have to actively perform. Perhaps that’sbecause I need to also be able to suppress it for regular activities?

Someone asked me recently about my relationship. We were talking about the way we managemoney together — I (currently) earn (most of) it, he controls it — and how our domestic D/slife differs from a simple splitting of responsibilities.

And I said, that’s a good question. It’s one I don’t really know the answer to, but it’ssomething to do with giving over control. Surrendering my grasp on the tiny details. Doing that allows me to relax and focus on making myself — and my Sir — happy.

In any case, it’s working for us. My new med-free brain has been reintroduced to my libido, and they seem to be getting on ok. It’s in the spirit of reconnecting with my sex drive (andmy Sir) that I joined Fetlife. I love reading about the relationships of others, and of course,the hotness doesn’t hurt.

Only thing is, I’ve got no friends on there! Come keep me company, someone?

5 Responses to “Friend me?”

  1. But you don’t mention what name you use on FetLife. I am brycelloyd. Whey Lily and I joined, we didn’tof know the D/s capitalization conventions, some we did them backwards.

    Anyway, send me a friend request and I’ll add you, with enthusiasm.

  2. That was pretty stupid! It’s the same as here 🙂 I’ll add you!

  3. Er, I mean me not saying what my username was was pretty stupid… am really having a brain holiday today.

  4. 4 N

    You have been friended 🙂 Jus created mine today!

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