Review: Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar


I need a collar, collar, collar that’s what I neeeed (hey hey)… or I did, and then I bought this one. We ordered it from LoveHoney on Friday night, and it had arrived by Tuesday morning — and that was with the bog-standard free delivery to Ireland. Very impressive, as per usual! And a very impressive product, too, given the price

collared (twice!)

Although I already have an everyday collar (you can see I’m wearing it as well in the picture above), it’s silver and delicate and can’t really be *used*, only worn and admired. So we decided to give a ‘play’ collar a go to see if we enjoyed it, and boy did we enjoy it.

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

First things first though – what’s it made of? The collar itself is leather with a suede-like lining so it’s easy to wear. The leather’s supple and pliable so it’s nice and comfortable. The ring at the front is made of metal and feels sturdy enough, though we haven’t hooked anything to it as of yet.

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

Front ring, with stubby fingers for scale...

The back buckle is metal as well. On first inspection I acutally thought it was plastic, but while I was taking the pics for this post I realised it was metal! That’ll just go to show you how comfortable it was to wear… it’s very smooth metal, rounded edges, didn’t dig in or scrape or irritate my skin in any way.

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

inside back buckle, with suede-y lining

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

outside back buckle

This particular collar is the ‘large’ size one, and though I don’t know if this is the same on the smaller one, the way the collar buckles is quite ingenious. Both ends of the collar have holes in them, and both ends feed into the buckle to hook over a central clasp. This gives much more versatility as regards size and allows for smaller adjustments; as well as allowing the front ring to stay centred no matter which hook you fasten it on.

Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar

clever open-ended buckle

Even though I’ve been wearing Sir’s collar for over a year now, putting this collar on was a very different experience. There was a definite change in mental state as soon as it went on for me, and I think for Sir as well… it cemented our roles, brought us into the moment, and made it a lot easier to just play. I sometimes find it difficult to lose myself in the moment if I’m trying to remember that I have to remind him to take the bins out in the morning… so this helped me go from girlfriend mode to Pet mode seamlessly.

As for how it held up to a proper play session, I was pleasantly surprised. It stayed fastened no matter how hard he yanked on it, and even when it was cinched tight it didn’t pinch or dig in or hurt my skin… it was just a feeling of overall pressure on my neck.

The verdict? In his words, “hot as fuck”. When asked to elaborate: “hot as fuck on my girly”. And I tend to agree!

7 Responses to “Review: Leatherbeaten Pretty Plain Collar”

  1. God damn it. Shouldnt have read that in work. Ill be all distracted now

  2. 3 adomis

    lovely write up on the collar miss, and I must say it does look lovely. The idea with the holes is so clever.

    Congrats on the new purchase I hope it brings you much joy!

  3. Nice pair of cuffs to go with this and there’s an outfit right there! hehe

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