Insomnia + bed + semi-nakedness + arty boyfriend + pen = I get drawn on.

I love the feeling of pen on my skin, it reminded me of being in school and drawing on my hand or arm or leg.


It was ticklish, and sometimes sore when the sharp nib of the pen dug into my tender skin.

But I didn’t mind D idly doodling on me while we listened to the thump of the nightclub music next door.

Here’s the swirly pattern I ended up with. Isn’t it arty? Of course, the boy is not just artistic, but nerdy too…

… and that’s how I ended up with dick butt scrawled on my leg.

3 Responses to “inked”

  1. This is lovely. I haven’t told him yet but I want to do a full colour “tattoo” on Adomis’ back. In ink of course. It will wash off but I want to spend a while at it to get it right and work in somewhere “property of” me 🙂 t-hehe

  1. 1 HNT #4 | The Erotic Adventures of a Dirty Duo

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