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I can’t remember how it started. All I have are flashes of memory, of feeling. I knew I wanted to come, and that he would oblige me. He asked which toy I wanted, then gave me no choice. Told me I’d have to use the slightly broken one – the one that cuts out. And […]

I can’t even muster rage. (via @charismagic)



So, here I am again. No excuses this time! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for keeping up with my wishy-washy-bloggy thing. I’m really hoping to write lots more in future — we’re embarking on lots of new adventures, and I really want to share! But from time to time, I’ll be putting posts […]

that look


I kinda got the subby thing and the teasing but never saw what people saw in spanking, to me it was like a foot fetish. Out of the mouths of babes. Or rather, out of the mouths of ‘nillas. This was what Sir thought of spanking when we got together two and a half years […]