So, here I am again. No excuses this time! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for keeping up with my wishy-washy-bloggy thing.

I’m really hoping to write lots more in future — we’re embarking on lots of new adventures, and I really want to share! But from time to time, I’ll be putting posts behind a password. This will be for posts of a sensitive nature, mostly when I’m talking about events, the kink community, or people other than me and my Sir. But also for when I write something really filthy that I’m too embarrassed to put up otherwise.

The password will be the same for every post, so you’ll only have to ask once. It won’t be an exclusive club by any means — anybody can email me and request the password, and I’ll mail you straight back with it, as long as you don’t appear to be my mother, a scandal-seeking journo,  a trolly spamface, or a spammy trollface.

If that seems like an awful lot of effort, fellow kinksters will be able to follow my postings on Fetlife, where my username is misch.

So, if you fancy reading all my adventures, drop me a mail on michellaneousblog{at}gmail{dot}com. Or just drop me a mail anyway — I love getting mail!


misch xx


PS: I’ll also be tweeting pervy stuff @MsMichellaneous. Come say hi!


5 Responses to “housekeeping”

  1. Funny. I already follow you there..go figure- who knew?

  2. Funny this blog is not reflective of the other….complexity rules 🙂

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