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They don’t fuck around with the names on these things, do they? I guess it doesn’t help that this is about as basic as it gets – a rigid, classic, one-motor vibrator with no frills or special jazz – and so they need to distinguish it from every other plain ol’ vibe out there. But […]

small victories


You can do anything, but not everything. — David Allen I did a small thing this week. A small thing that was a big thing. It’s going to sound really silly when I tell you, but I’m inordinately proud of myself for achieving it. I say ‘achieving’… it won’t seem that way to most people. […]

I picked up this pretty little thing on Lovehoney’s most excellent Deal of the Day offer, where it set me back a mere €10.39 (£8). Lovehoney now offers free delivery to Ireland, so I definitely got a bargain! It arrived promptly (well, as promptly as An Post is capable of) and in the tasteful new […]

pervert party


What to say about the party? It was both expected and unexpected. Normal and bizarre. Surreal and mundane. But most of all, it was fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we walked into the meet-and-greet bar, around the corner from the venue. We knew someone would come to fetch us, but our main […]