How does 24/7 work?


… is a question we are often asked. Am I a 1950s housewife? Does he make me do all the crap chores? How do I relinquish control of money, bills, decision-making? Am I allowed to nag? Is there a pipe and slippers involved?

I usually answer with how it works *for us* — ie, sometimes not at all, and at other times it feels so natural that it’s hard to imagine being any other way.

I usually talk about it as a baseline understanding that can be brought into sharp focus in a split second, or left to linger softly in the background. I talk about looks that speak a thousand words, I talk about being taken care of, I talk about certain gestures or phrases or touches. I talk about allowing myself to be cherished and protected as a form of submission.

But this text — which made me laugh, made my stomach flip and my knickers flood all at once — this text says it all so perfectly.

This is how 24/7 works for us. And it is fucking awesome.

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