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Insomnia + bed + semi-nakedness + arty boyfriend + pen = I get drawn on. I love the feeling of pen on my skin, it reminded me of being in school and drawing on my hand or arm or leg.   It was ticklish, and sometimes sore when the sharp nib of the pen dug […]

She: I love you, Sir. He: I love you too, Pet. Even though I just fapped into your mouth. Well, especially because I just fapped into your mouth. She: D’aaaawwwwww. That’s going on the blog.

*dances* So after a year and a bit of dating, myself and the boy moved in together. It was something he mentioned to me about six months in, actually… and so while everyone else squeed and fluttered around us with glee, we took it all in our stride. We’d been planning on it for a […]

(In bed, eating pizza…) She said: We should definitely have sex tonight. So we don’t become one of those couples who just eats pizza and burps at eachother. He said: We ARE one of those couples. She said: *belch*

She said: “Please don’t sit on the heater” He said: “I’m not, I’m warming my barse” She said: “… … …” He said: “It’s actually quite pleasant.”



fam.inged –adjective extremely deprived of minge: “I’m faminged”. *** fam.inge –verb (used with object) To suffer or cause to suffer minge depravation; starve of minge: “The girlfriend is faminging me something fierce right now”. *** fam.inge -noun 1. extreme and general scarcity of minge, as in a country or a large geographical area: “There’s a […]

She: “I don’t understand why people would film themselves playing video games.” He: “Probably for the same reasons people film themselves having sex.” She: “Haha, and what’s that?” He: “Achievement unlocked.”