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It’s something I don’t have a lot of, resolve. My willpower is widely known to be non-existent, and my motivation *just about* extends to getting myself out of bed every morning. Well, most mornings. I’m a very laid-back person — take each day as I find it, always put off until tomorrow what should really […]

The bed saga continues. It broke again, along with my back. Only conclusion I can now come to is that Swedish people don’t have sex, ever. Or if they do, they just lie completely still. Or perhaps they do it in their spas or whatever. In any case, they don’t do it in Ikea-made beds […]

It’s like a stick of deodorant for your sack This image is called lrg-freshballs.jpg. No lie. *wipes away tears of laughter*

Beat Again*


So JLS have launched their own range of condoms, in association with Durex. Yes, you read that right — now you can pick up a three-pack of extra safes with the face of a JLS on them, depending on which one’s your favourite. See? For my part, I couldn’t pick them out of a line-up, […]

Good idea: buying a smutty book on submissive females and dominant males for sexy bedtime reading. Bad idea: Letting your very own dominant male read the smutty book. It’ll only give him ideas*. (*bold ones)

An article in the Times has claimed that men’s sperm can be ‘disabled’ for around 6 months by a harmless blast of ultrasound — and that investigations are continuing into the possibility of the treatment’s use as contraception. (via @MiriamOCal) If preliminary results are confirmed, applying therapeutic ultrasound to the testes for ten to fifteen […]

Hello kids! It’s time for another good (sex) idea, bad (sex) idea. Good idea: Buying a sex toy with a suction cup on the end. Bad idea: Sticking the toy to your forehead and pretending to be a unicorn; finding it endlessly amusing, until your boyfriend points out that you now have a perfectly circular […]