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This article in the Sun was brought to my attention today on Twitter – a UK study which lists the traits of the “ideal woman”. Unsurprisingly, the traits combine to make a woman who does not exist in this reality. THE perfect girlfriend has a high sex drive, loves eating and can get ready in […]

Here’s an article I wrote for the lovely people at (soon to be — you can see why I’m a good fit). As we all undoubtedly know by now, Stephen Fry has “left” Twitter amid claims that he was misquoted in Attitude magazine, yadda yadda. Basically he thinks (or Attitude thinks he thinks) […]

It’s like a stick of deodorant for your sack This image is called lrg-freshballs.jpg. No lie. *wipes away tears of laughter*

If you’re talking about a monogamous relationship, sex is pretty much the definition of what you are going to be doing with this person that you are going to avoid doing with every other person on the planet. And if you accept the premise that you are a sexual being and deserve to have your […]



In six months, we haven’t had one fight. No drama, no stress, no arguments, no compromises. Just drifting along blissfully, and no doubt sickeningly, free to enjoy eachother without endless questioning of the relationship and ourselves. But one weekend, that calm sea of tranquility got a stone lobbed into it. Not a fight, per se, […]



❤ this.

This fantastic column from Mistress Matisse at The Stranger on the perils of social networking and the weight we place on it in relationships should become part of the national curriculum. She says, amongst other things; …if you enjoy suffering, go ahead and cyberstalk your sweetie. Obsess about every casually flirtatious remark and winky emoticon, […]