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I’ve been watching the unfolding drama around Sinead O’Connor’s recent venture into the world of online dating with interest. It started out harmlessly enough… a column in the Independent about how she missed male company (and sex!) and was inviting emails from potential suitors in order to possibly meet someone. Quite sweet and charming, it […]



Ever-helpful WordPress has started to give prompts to help you blog. Today’s topic: What do you worry about? Oh WordPress, how little you know me. What do I worry about? What DON’T I worry about. I am a chronic worrier. You name it, I’ve worried about it. If I haven’t worried about it before, I’ll […]

This article in the Sun was brought to my attention today on Twitter – a UK study which lists the traits of the “ideal woman”. Unsurprisingly, the traits combine to make a woman who does not exist in this reality. THE perfect girlfriend has a high sex drive, loves eating and can get ready in […]

Here’s an article I wrote for the lovely people at (soon to be — you can see why I’m a good fit). As we all undoubtedly know by now, Stephen Fry has “left” Twitter amid claims that he was misquoted in Attitude magazine, yadda yadda. Basically he thinks (or Attitude thinks he thinks) […]

Could Do Better


I’ve been a bad blogger of late due to various life crap getting in the way – but also because every time I find something I want to write about, the issue expands exponentially to the point that there’s so much I want to say about the responses, never mind the issues, that my head […]

Open Wide


Someone on an online sex & sexuality community asked me the other day if my boyfriend minded me talking so openly about sex to other people, especially men. I had to tell him it had never crossed my mind to even ask if it did – some sub I am, eh? But truly it hadn’t. […]

So Larry Murphy got out today. The media, predictably, has gone mental. One paper has even gone so far as to erect flyers with a picture and description; asking civilians to contact their newsdesk (or the Gardaí) if they spot Murphy. Apparently, according to a spokesperson for the publication, the fact that they’ve put “do […]