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I kinda got the subby thing and the teasing but never saw what people saw in spanking, to me it was like a foot fetish. Out of the mouths of babes. Or rather, out of the mouths of ‘nillas. This was what Sir thought of spanking when we got together two and a half years […]



Insomnia + bed + semi-nakedness + arty boyfriend + pen = I get drawn on. I love the feeling of pen on my skin, it reminded me of being in school and drawing on my hand or arm or leg.   It was ticklish, and sometimes sore when the sharp nib of the pen dug […]

She: I love you, Sir. He: I love you too, Pet. Even though I just fapped into your mouth. Well, especially because I just fapped into your mouth. She: D’aaaawwwwww. That’s going on the blog.

*dances* So after a year and a bit of dating, myself and the boy moved in together. It was something he mentioned to me about six months in, actually… and so while everyone else squeed and fluttered around us with glee, we took it all in our stride. We’d been planning on it for a […]



It’s something I don’t have a lot of, resolve. My willpower is widely known to be non-existent, and my motivation *just about* extends to getting myself out of bed every morning. Well, most mornings. I’m a very laid-back person — take each day as I find it, always put off until tomorrow what should really […]

She said: “Please don’t sit on the heater” He said: “I’m not, I’m warming my barse” She said: “… … …” He said: “It’s actually quite pleasant.”

A few days ago, we were walking through town. There was a distinct nip in the air, so I got out my gloves and put them on. They’re awfully cute – knitted green fingerless gloves with bows on them. I love bows! And they’re fingerless so that I can work my phone. As I slid […]