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I got a lovely gift today. I cry easily when I get emotional, angry, grumpy, tired, hormonal or upset. It makes me feel manipulative sometimes; but most of all vulnerable. Weak and silly and absurd. I have tried so hard in my relationships to not cry. With my friends, my parents and my lovers — […]

#4 & #5


Listening to me moan and whine about my crappy laptop – then fixing it so I can blog again. And giving me some things to blog about. Thanks mister ❤

#2 & #3


#2 – removing massive spiders from silly places where there were hiding and I nearly hit it with the brush and it might have fallen into my hair omg omg omg… (thanks Paddy) #3 – BODY HEAT. Feckin’ weather.

#1 – Vapo Rub back application.